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What is Scient?

Welcome to Scient, a cutting-edge, hyper scalable AI platform company.

The rise of generative AI has been a major game-changer for enterprises across the globe. Scient is designed to help organizations bring Artificial General Intelligence (AI) into their operations, empowering them to revolutionize the way they work.


Scient will exist at the intersection of Data, AI, and immersive visualization/AR. Artificial General Intelligence (AI) for the modern enterprise will supercharge..

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How Scient Works

Scient is an innovative AI tool that harnesses the limitless potential of data search.

Why is Scient Different?

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Unlike OpenAI, which lacks the ability to provide answers related to a specific organization due to the lack of access to company data, Scient has the capability to answer any query related to the enterprise in question. This unique feature allows us to offer a level of insight and intelligence that is unmatched by other AI platforms.


With Scient, enterprises can leverage the full power of AI to drive success, without worrying about the limitations of traditional AI tools. 


Ask a Question: “How many mortgages were sold by our division
in the USA on Tuesday, 25th, February 2022?”

OpenAI Response: “As an AI language model, I don’t have real-time or daily information.”

Scient Response: “On Tuesday, 25th February 2022 JPM sold 618 mortgages in the USA. The highest was sold in New Jersey – 118 mortgages.” 

Other Features

At Scient, we believe that with the right tools, anything is possible. With this objective in mind, we are committed to providing clients with a powerful, elegant tool for data search that is both efficient and effective, and that has no limits on enterprise data search.

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