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Data-Centric AI Assistants

We are focused on understanding, giving order and managing data through AI tools.


Our current solutions consist of an ever-increasing number of AI Assistants that aim to increase the literacy, speed, efficiency and scalability of metadata and data quality management.


Here are examples of business challenges we can address:

Use a Generative AI Assistant to Validate Existing Credit Reports and Create New Ones

Use Generative AI to Identify a Firm's Key Data Elements

Use Generative AI to Produce an Up-To-Date Data Dictionary

Transforming Possibilities with AGI: Propel Your Business into the Future

Scient is a groundbreaking Artificial Generative Intelligence (AGI) tool that revolutionizes the way businesses can harness the immense potential of data search. Unlike conventional AI platforms which face limitations in providing answers pertaining to specific organizations due to restricted access to company data, Scient empowers users with the ability to acquire comprehensive answers for any query related to the company in question. 

Our tool enables us to provide an unmatched level of insight and intelligence that surpasses other AI platforms in the market. With Scient, organizations gain access to an advanced solution that eliminates the constraints typically associated with traditional AI tools, allowing them to fully leverage the power of AI to drive success and achieve their business objectives.

Join the ranks of forward-thinking enterprises and discover how Scient can empower your enterprise with unmatched insights and intelligence, ensuring a competitive edge in today’s data-driven landscape.


Natural Language Querying

Leverages generative AI to enable users to interact with data using simple, everyday language. This eliminates the need for specialized code, making data query skills accessible to users of all levels.


Auto-Generated Column Name Mapping

The generative AI translates complex, technical data elements, names and metadata into plain English. This facilitates quicker and more comprehensive access to data across the organization.


Auto-Generated Data Privacy Categorization & Anonymization

Generative AI automatically assesses and categorizes data fields within a businesses’ data universe, based on their sensitivity and potential for identifying individuals’ personal data.


Auto-Generated Data Dictionary

Generative AI can easily create a data dictionary – a centralized source of descriptions of data fields within a database or system. It serves to bring greater data consistency & governance to a business.


Auto-Generated Data Glossary

Generative AI is used to identify and suggest equivalent terms and shorter forms that align with the original data fields, enhancing data uniformity and understanding.

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