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Scient - Revolutionizing AGI

For businesses across the world, Artificial Generative Intelligence (AGI) is the watchword today. AGI is poised to play a pivotal role in organizations by offering transformative capabilities such as automation, advanced data analysis, and decision-making. AGI’s ability to understand complex patterns and adapt to diverse tasks empowers enterprises to achieve higher efficiency, innovation, and competitive advantage in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.


Scient is a hyperscalable AI platform company that helps organizations bring in AGI.
Scient will exist at the intersection of Data, AI and immersive visualization/AR. AI or AGI for the modern enterprise will supercharge enterprises to search authoritative data by using simple text. Our innovative AI tool harnesses the limitless potential of data search.  


Meet our leadership team

Eldridge Robles

Co-Founder, Conis

Eldridge Robles

Co-Founder, Conis

Eldridge Robles

Co-Founder, Conis

What Makes Us Different

Help is Our Goal

Data Access

Ability to access and comprehend proprietary organizational data


Tailored and precise answers specific to the enterprise

Make Better

Superior decision-making and strategic planning


Aligns effortlessly with existing systems and processes

Why Choose Scient?

In contrast to OpenAI’s limitation in delivering responses pertaining to a particular organization due to restricted access to corporate data, Scient possesses the ability to address any query associated with the enterprise in question. This distinctive attribute enables us to provide an unparalleled depth of insight and intelligence, setting us apart from other AI platforms.

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